When was the last time you had a meaningful conversation with your family?  No really, think about it.  In our warp-speed lifestyle, unless we are intentional about it, days, weeks and even months can go by without ever really talking with our family and loved ones.

Food for Talk®, Bringing families together one conversation at a time is all about connecting loved ones around the family dinner table in a relaxed, fun, thought-provoking way.   It’s not about the cooking, it’s about the connection around the dinner table!

I was fortunate.   I grew up in a home that valued family meals.  My fondest memories growing up are around our family dinner table with conversations about everything including religion, politics, culture, travel; no subject was off limits and everyone’s opinion was valued and welcomed.

When I had my own family I wanted to create that same environment with my own children and set out to be more intentional to make it happen.   Voila!  Food for Talk was created.

If it can work with my family, it can work with yours!

Check out the above video, plus click on ABOUT to see all the great research on the benefits to kids of family mealtime.   You’ll be amazed!

Most importantly, start family mealtime now!   It is never too late or too early.   Whatever ages your kids, you will find that with a little planning your family will soon be sharing and connecting at a deeper level with each passing meal.   It won’t happen overnight, but you will find it is time well spent, and the best investment you can make with your loved ones!

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About the Author

“Family mealtime has been a lifetime passion, and my most cherished memories with my children have been around our family dinner table,” says best-selling author and award winning journalist Julienne Smith.   Smith has taken her love for family dinners and created Food for Talk®, Bringing families together one conversation at a time, a recipe box filled with 200 conversation starters for mealtime to encourage meaningful conversation and connection at dinner time. Read More


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What people are saying
My kids, consisting of a 3 yr , 5 yr, and 13 yr old take turns randomly choosing a card. We actually have fun talking at the table now! I have to say this is a family tradition I am very glad to have started. I highly recommend this for all families who want to grow closer. -
J. Allen

"This pack of thought-provoking questons has really improved the dinnertime discussions at our house. After being married for 19 years, I thought I knew everything about my husband. Surprisingly, these questions have started conversations about issues we had never discussed. I would recommend this item for any family."-
Patricia, Philiadelphia

"We received Food for Thought as a gift at Christmas time. Since then we usually pick one night a week and have a family game. It is excellent for opening up areas of discussion with children who are usually hesitant to express an opinion. I highly recommend it."- William, Anaheim, CA

What a wonderful way to use the little time we have together in a thoughtful, caring way. Too often, our lives are filled with work, trashy television, and precious little time building family relationships. Living a spirit filled life is about reaching out to each other with love, true compassion and without judgement. It is about walking the walk of our faith --which is shown by our actions -- especially in our own family.-
Minnesota Mom

We highly recommend Food for Talk for all families. We intially bought it so that we could "enhance" our family dinners. We have a 10 year old (you know how hard it is to get them to talk!) and she is excited to pull and read the first card each time. We even used it the other night when we had friends over and it really got the conversations flowing.-
Katie, Camp Lejeune, NC